3 Reasons To Use A Huntington Beach Mortgage Lender

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As a Huntington Beach mortgage lender and part of the Summit Lending team, Eric Gausepohl is always looking for the best methods to help his clients achieve their financial goals.

Working alongside someone who will be as committed to your mortgage as you are can provide fantastic benefits throughout the mortgage process. The Summit Lending team has over 15 years of lending experience, and Eric is dedicated to helping guide home borrowers through the complex process.

However, it’s not always clear to everybody on why they should use a mortgage lender. This may be due to previous bad experiences or perhaps a lack of knowledge of mortgages. Either way, mortgages can be complex, and that’s where a lender such as Eric can help.

Here are three reasons to use a mortgage lender in Huntington Beach and anywhere else you may be.

1. Variety

Perhaps the biggest reason that people choose to work with a broker over a bank is because of the variety of options they are presented with.

A mortgage lender/broker will shop your mortgage to several different lenders in order to find the best program that suits your specific situation. Eric has relationships with a variety of lenders and uses them to help clients find the best rates.

If you were to go directly through a bank (known as a direct lender), they would only be able to offer you the mortgage products in which that specific company has. This means that your selection is limited as well as the rates.

2. Qualifying Advantages

Another common reason that people opt to go with a broker is because they can help guide you in the proper direction to the local or national lenders who are most likely to approve your mortgage.

A broker such as Eric will take your mortgage, assess it and present it to the lenders he feels will accept your application. This can help reduce the stress you may potentially face if you were to shop your mortgage on your own.

3. Save Time

Another way that a broker can benefit you is by saving you a precious amount of time. Rather than going out to different brokers and lenders on your own time looking for the right mortgage, a lender like Eric will do all of this for you. Once he finds a lender who will take on your mortgage, he presents you with all of the details so you can make a final decision.

Whether you’re looking to refinance, renew, buying your first home or seeking debt consolidation, a professional like Eric Gausepohl can be of great benefit to you.

Additionally, working with Eric, you’ll have access to his industry knowledge and receive great advice that is offered with your best interests in mind.

Whatever your specific situation includes, Eric is a Summit Lending Huntington Beach mortgage professional who is ready to help you find the perfect mortgage.

For more information on how he can help, contact him today!

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