Summit Lending has over 15 years experience in the mortgage industry. We also have a state of the art “Rate Tracker” that allows us to track the market so we can lock your loan at the most appropriate time. Let us lock your loan today.

We are here to help home borrowers arrange mortgage finances in the most simple and straight forward way possible, explaining the complicated procedure of any type of home loan in it's simplest terms.

Our full time role is to provide you, the customer, with Ethical Advisors. Endless Options and Easy Solutions! We are dedicated to helping you to make the right choice.

Summit Lending also provides a service that can help you restore your credit. Summit Lending has an affiliation with Clean Slate Credit Services, they are the only credit restoration company to offer the 640-or-free guarantee. As we all know good credit can save borrowers thousands of dollars let us check into your credit profile today to see how we can help.

Eric Gausepohl and Matt Gausepohl
NMLS# 371291 | NMLS# 328382

Huntington Beach Location
2130 Main Street Suite 110
Huntington Beach, California 92648

Temecula Location
28581 Old Town Front Street, Ste 108
Temecula, CA 92590

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